Chef JP 

Chef de Cuisine

Chef JP has a deep understanding of produce and innovative cuisine. He has been at the helm of restaurants garnering accolades such as Australian Restaurant of the Year,  Worlds 50 Best and 2 and 3 starred Le Chateubriand and Bo Innovation, Michelin establishments, in France and Hong Kong. With skills and technique to fascinate, Chef JP moves towards using his experience to surprise and delight the diner in Singapore.   

With a strong belief in using locally grown produce, his style of food combines essential cuisine with innovation. Each vegetable, each piece of meat, each element of a dish will be interpreted to meld seamlessly across a menu so that every part is used. What you see may not be what you get and that is a part of the delight.

Trust your palate.  



Melvin Chou

Sous Chef 

Melvin is Chef JP's right hand in the kitchen. Warm and affable he has worked and trained at the Royal Mail under Dan Hunter, and travelled the world learning and exploring techniques. Returning to Singapore saw him in the kitchen at Iggy's.  

His passion comes from using international techniques on local produce and dishes so that you are always surprised and delighted by your dining experience. 

Melvin thinks it is important to know that you are dining in Singapore and the produce we have here speaks of the 'tarroir'. A tarroir he is proud of. 

Coming soon, Melvin will be hosting a local chef showcase at Bistro November on Mondays. Stay tuned!