There is thought behind all the dishes.

A tie to Chef JP’s childhood, the local flower Aunty, the market around the corner.

Dad's Pumpkin

Growing up in rural Queensland, Chef JP and his family ate what they grew. 
This was often a chook from the farm and some veggies from the garden.
Pumpkin was grown in the summer and then put in the farm shed for its flavour to mature, then cooked in winter. Slow roasted for the sweetness.
This sweetness was the inspiration for this dessert.

Pumpkin is juiced and then reduced to intensify the flavour.
Then turned into an ice cream.
The pumpkin skin is then roasted further and turned into a powder. 
Then folded through a meringue and baked until crisp.
The pumpkin seeds are roasted and crystallized.
Burnt cocoa powder.
Crystallized white chocolate grated.
Fresh squeezed pumpkin juice, melony in flavour, then poured on top upon serving.

Everything is used. Nothing is wasted. The the mind of a chef tying childhood memories with innovative dishes.

There’s a reason for everything.

Trust your palate.